Motorstorm Review - must have exclusive?

Gamesradar reviews the PS3 exclusive arcade racer, Motorstorm.

What could possibly be enjoyable about a racing game which sees you gloriously thrash the field for 97 per cent of a race, only to be shoved straight into a tire barrier six agonizing yards from the finishing line? And not even by a malicious human competitor, but through the seemingly entirely random behavior of a computer-controlled one? Life is spectacularly unfair at times.

Well, if it was just about any other game, the answer would be "to hell with it." But this isn't just any other game. This is MotorStorm, Sony's hi-def, high-octane posterchild for PS3 gaming, and thankfully it's a game of extremes - the excitement is intense, the frustration at times, is unbearable. Yet that nervous tension is merely the by-product of a game which will push you right to the edge. Believe us when we say you'll slowly grow to love the rapid onset of pad-smashing fury. You'll take it as a sign of how deeply and completely MotorStorm manages to burrow under your skin.

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Bathyj4633d ago

Although we've probably read enough reviews on this game its good to read one from someone who actually sounds like they like this type of game and relishes to challenge it gives. I've heard other reviews complaining you could be in front all race only to crash right near the end and lose. Well thats life isn't it. You dont come first for completing 9/10ths of a good race.

Good review. I'll know if I agree with the score in 5 days.

SIX4633d ago

In most games the,"WOW" moments are scripted, and if you play the same stage over again you kinda know what to expect and it becomes less impactful. With Motorstorm you never know when those,"WOW" moments are going to happen. Seeing a car in the distance jump off a ramp and slam into a sign is pretty awesome. Not to mention this game has the most impressive physics to date. I think alot of people forget that.

Shadow4632d ago

Its interesting, because Motorstorm is either a game you love or a game you don't. Its very subjective, and for those who do enjoy it, its definitely an A+ title.

The problem here, is that it isn't a "universal" A+ title. Personally tho, I know quite a few people who are overjoyed with the game.

VirtualGamer4632d ago

I just played the downloaded demo the other day and was highly impressed. If the game was console only then I might be concerned with the lack of tracks and modes (although thats being fixed with updates)however with the online racing ability of Motorstorm I can be sure of alot of fun racing against other players.

The lack of split screen does not really bother me. I always thought the ultimate set up would be to have a seperate full screen for each player and with the online cabability thats taken care of and add the fact you can race against 12 others and its far superior to just racing against one and sharing the screen.

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