Classic graphic adventure Myst coming to the iPhone

It's hard to believe it was 1991 when Cyan Worlds first released the celebrated graphic adventure Myst, and the iPhone adaptation has now been revealed.

iPhone Otaku has some early screenshots, and they look exactly like the game we all remember and loved.

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Raoh3492d ago

cant wait, i used to love this game. its a perfect game to make for the iphone.

iTaku3492d ago

Must be years since I've played Myst, and even though I'm apprehensive that it might not have aged all that well, I'm still really looking forward to it.

thereapersson3492d ago

This almost makes me want to get an iPhone...

iTaku3488d ago

Dude, you really should, especially if a bit of retro adventuring is your thing. Lots of stuff on the iPhone's slate at the moment.