Power Trip #3: Guitar Hero

Gamer Limit writes, "For this week's Power Trip, I explore Guitar Hero in spirit of Guitar Hero: Metallica's release this week. The first installment in the Guitar Hero series introduced the most powerful mind controlling technique in gaming since Psycho Mantis. The power up this week is so powerful that it can malevolently manipulate the internal workings of one's mind, turning dissonance into sweet harmony, red to green, and condemnation into euphoric idolization."

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Fullish3495d ago

Always fun swinging your guitar for star power!

chrisjc3495d ago

Ah Guitar Hero's glory days....

Andrew Wiggin3495d ago

not such a big fan of Guitar Hero, but still a fantastic article and great addition

Cloud-14093495d ago

Ah Star Power, I always ended up activating it by accident. :P
I prefer Rock Band though.

Chris Vass3495d ago

damm accidental star power!