TGR News Roundup: New PS3 Exclusive at GDC, God of War 3 Footage

A surprising new PS3 exclusive was announced today at GDC, plus other news including the new jaw-dropping God of War III gameplay.

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cain1414262d ago

I still need to play the old God of Wars...

sirbigam4262d ago

Same here I recently finished the psp version a while back, it was good & was probably what someone should start of with at this time if there just getting into the series.

na2ru14262d ago

I ordered all 3 GoWs from Amazon. Completed GoW1 and Chain of Olympus. Finishing off Gow2. They are all amazing like a massive rollercoaster ride.

Sarevok4262d ago

lol try god of war 2 on titan mode dude...
very few can beat it on titan! but I did x3

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TheHater4262d ago

Is it Ratchet and Clank? if it is then we knew about the game since last July at the end of Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty

redfield854262d ago

If it was Rachet & Clank it would've been news to me. Don't have a PS3 and didn't look up the ending of the last game.

SlamVanderhuge4262d ago

Both Ratchet and especially Katamari are good news to me!

NeverforgetNES4262d ago

god of war 3 looks fantastic

redfield854262d ago

I am going to wait to say it looks better or whatever. I am not doubting it won't look and play better, but from the "meh" quality video it just looks like all the previous games (not that that is bad).

jay24262d ago

Look at they 1080P IN-GAME trailer from the PS Store.

redfield854262d ago

I beat the first God of War last summer. I trucked through that in like a week or two. I was so tired of the game that I waited to play God of War 2. I am still not playing God of War 2 yet. Haha.

SupaPlaya4262d ago

you came in a God of War 3 thread just to tell people how much you didn't like the previous installments??

Sarevok4262d ago

What did you not like about it?

redfield854262d ago

Sorry about that. The way I said that sounded harsh.

What I meant was that I take forever to play games and I played the first God of War so much that I am still on a break from the series. I do want to play and beat God of War 2.

DK_Switch4262d ago

Does anybody else want to see Kratos time-warp to the 30's and play a gritty, trench-coat-wearing, hard-boiled detective with a weakness for brunettes and bourbon?

redfield854262d ago

I think there should be a whole series of game series that get ridiculous overhauls like this.

I would love to see a Mario game done realistically.

silvacrest4262d ago

both those incarnations you both mentioned would be so, so wrong

Bebedora4262d ago

You sick, mistah. lol. Creative minds? :)

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The story is too old to be commented.