SuperCar Challenge - Some new screenshots

System 3 published some new screenshots from the PS3 exclusive SuperCar Challenge. Check them out.

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LukaX233583d ago

I'm happy I'm actually going to be testing the game this April :D

popup3583d ago

The lighting looks good. Track detail looks fine too. I really want this to succeed and they could have gone multi platform but didn't. After Killzone's early sale figures, I worry about the future of some of these developers and their loyalties...

Bloodshedder3583d ago

im on the test program, only one problem we still dont have the demo to test it...

ThatCanadianGuy3583d ago

Whoa ! This is the first im hearing of this game.Is it set for an 09 release?

vicheous3583d ago

Yes! Probably summer release

vicheous3583d ago

I'm patiently waiting for the beta! It's coming next Thursday(finally)...... YAY

achira3583d ago

nice! im surprised about the title, didnt hear before about it.

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