The Mystery of Alan Wake Deepens

Light will become the new bullet time

Alan Wake has been in development for half a decade and little is known about Remedy's thriller. However, some new details have emerged courtesy of an interview on Norwegian site You can read the Google translated version here or you can just keep on reading our story for all the important details.

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Nelson M3518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

We ask our selves
"What was that Game"
"Did it ever Exsist"

KionicWarlord2223518d ago

its not out yet....but its remedy its bound to be good.

GUNS N SWORDS3518d ago

im guessing Remedy's trying really hard to polish this game up. imo, there was quite a few games that were nice but didn't get enough time to see them shine on 360, like mass effect. (well, I'm definitely sure that mass effect2 will show off more improvements, can't wait for that game as well :)

Aquanox3518d ago

If this means a more polished product then I'm all for it.

Covenant3518d ago

You know, Too Human isn't bad. I picked up a copy for $20, and other than the lame story and glitchy camera, it's a blast.

silenius3518d ago

Please don't let this game be the next "Too Humman"!!!

~~ Amin ~~

Aquanox3518d ago

There were a lot of things going on bad from the beginning which made Too Human a failure. The fact that Alan Wake is taking this long doesn't mean it's gonna pull another "Too Human".

From the previews seen in the very early stages of development, it looks more like it will be another MGS4 in terms of technical polishment.

Things like these take time.

cherrypie3518d ago

The only thing that the two titles have in common: Jealousy and fear from non-Xbox owners.

Just buy an Xbox, dont be a hater, be a gamer.

pippoppow3518d ago

There are those interested in the PC version and hope it doesn't fail. This game is not a 360 exclusive.

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OmarJA3518d ago

The mystery will be reveled when this game comes to the PS3...

II Necroplasm II3518d ago

Maybe Tekken, DMC, Final Fantasy and GTA will too Ohh damn they are on Xbox too.. ah sorry

OmarJA3518d ago

No like Dead Rising 2, BioShock 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, Eternal Sonata, Lost Planet 2 & soon Splinter Cell Conviction...

GTA was never exclusive to PlayStation brand.

Sibs3518d ago

Almost as bad as Duke Nukem Forever...

Pebz3518d ago

Now now, DNF was announced in late April, 1997. That's almost 12 years ago.

Aquanox3518d ago

Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for more than 10 years now but the difference is that it hasn't been an iterative progress. Instead, they've gone back to the draw board a number of times going through many engines from the totally obsolete Quake II engine to the updated Unreal Engine 3.

That's far from what's going on with Alan Wake.

cherrypie3518d ago

Snore. Alan Wake will ship when it is ready, and it looks terrific.

Masses of haters on N4G are lining up to spread FUD without a single grain of knowledge.

Absolutely ridiculous, you people look like absolute fools.

slak3518d ago

Am going 2 start killing people if i don't get this game !NOW!

hippo243518d ago

Don't, you'll just give Jack Thompson something else to b_tch about...
ohh and someone might die.

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The story is too old to be commented.