Joystiq: inFamous hands-on

Like Naughty Dog before it, Sucker Punch is attempting to transform its success as a cartoonish platformer developer into a mature, realism-based game designer. The leap from Sly Cooper into the open-world inFamous is a giant one, but Sucker Punch's inaugural PS3 effort is shaping up to be one of those games that justifies your shiny, black console.

One of the levels on hand at GDC was "Food Drop," as Sucker Punch calls it. Our mission began on Cole McGrath's rooftop shanty retreat where his fat buddy Zeke was lounging on a couch, reading a graphic novel. Cole, hard-working bike messenger and the game's protagonist, is already aware of his electrifying power, but hasn't quite realized the full extent of this "great responsibility." Cue: Zeke wanting to watch television; predicament: the batteries aren't charged. You can guess what happens next ... training! Hold L1 to charge up your inner-electricity, and press L2 to fire it. TV ON!

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remanutd553497d ago

june cant come soon enough

SuperM3497d ago

Seems like all previews of this game is very positive. Slap in the face to all the doubters.

grantps33497d ago

i didnt think the game looked that good because i thought it would be repetitive, but after hearing about the karma system i am really excited.