Portable Gamer iPhone Review: Wordology

The premise is simple: there are layers of letter tiles, create words using the top layer to subsequently expose the lower layers and so forth, all within a fairly respectable 30 second time limit. Obviously the longer the letters, the more points you get. As well as this, there are different coloured tiles. Red tiles speed the timer up so you have to create words faster, silver tiles double your points for the word, gold tiles triple them, and green tiles give you an extra life. Lives are quite useful in this game as if you misspell a word or run out of time you lose one life. You can also gain awards to demonstrate just how great you are at the game such as the perfectionist award.

There are only 8 levels to the game but it is compelling enough that you won't mind playing it several times after 'completing' it.

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wondroushippo3491d ago

I always find it interesting that our concept of what becomes 'too expensive' is based so much on how much we've come to expect to pay on a platform. Is $2.99 too much to pay for a good game? In general, no. On the iPhone App Store? That's a question we have to ask ourselves, isn't it? Is there even a good answer?

CrAppleton3490d ago

If the game is worth playing, it doesn't matter what system it's on.. 3 bucks is cheap enough to grab it