ZTGD Review: NCAA Basketball 09: March Madness Edition

ZeroTolerance of ZTGD writes: The fever of March Madness is everywhere. Fans of college hoops look forward to this magical time each year, and even common people such as myself find the 64-team bracket addicting. EA Sports has decided to capitalize on this with their first Xbox Live Arcade effort, which takes their staple franchise and strips it down to its most basic premise. NCAA Basketball 09: March Madness Edition is exactly what it sounds like; it takes the retail game and delivers the 64 teams that have made it into the tournament and lets you play out who will take home the crown. This is a perfect way for gamers who are only mildly interested in the phenomenon to participate without dropping sixty bucks on a game that may only place twice.

+ Looks and feels great
+ Only fifteen bucks
+ Addictive as real brackets

- Shooting still sporadic
- No online play

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