Kombo Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Kombo writes: "Wanted is a divisive property; there are people who "get it" and the people who sadly just don't. Wanted: Weapons of Fate is aimed squarely at those who "get it" and want more. Packed with the same stylish action and unapologetically antisocial, nihilistic attitude that made the movie such a wicked guilty pleasure, Weapons of Fate features a variety of surprisingly unique gameplay mechanics and buries players under a ton of intelligent winks to the source material, not to mention scads of unlockable fan-service. It won't change any minds regarding the value of the subject matter and probably doesn't contain enough content for non-fans to get their $60 worth, so if you hated the movie or the comic then don't bother. If the natural, albeit questionably healthy appeal of curving bullets into the face of your enemies is not lost on you however, Weapons of Fate warrants your immediate attention."

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