Reggie comments on Wii MotionPlus date, capabilities

Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, finally took a few moments to answer questions relating to Wii MotionPlus.

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Immortal Kaim3518d ago

Can't wait for games to use MotionPlus. Hopefully some big announcements at E3?

Silellak3518d ago

Yeah, I can't wait, either. I think the Motion Plus seriously has the potential to take Wii from "mostly a gimmick" until "legitimately something special."

What bugs me is that this is how the damn system should've been released in the first place.

Immortal Kaim3518d ago

I agree, it should have been part of the initial system launch. I just hope that it moves beyond a simple 'Wii sports' concept and branches into mature games which utilise the increased functionality in an engaging way.

P.S I want some damn JRPG's for the Wii... ;)

tippygip3518d ago

Silellak, there's probably a very easy response to your question but because I'm not working for Nintendo I could never properly answer you.

If i had to take a guess I'd say they either didn't have the hardware when the wii was coming out or it was too expensive to produce at the time. Nintendo had a pretty clear strategy coming in and this could have clashed with what they were trying to do. Now that we have M+ hopefully Nintendo and other companies can take advantage.

xabmol3518d ago

Too bad I sold my Wii to buy real games.

evilmonkey5013518d ago

Go make me some %&[email protected] games you pr!ck. MY wii is collecting nothing but peripherals and DUST.