GDC: Rockstar should have had more 'realistic expectations' for The Lost and Damned, says Patcher

VG247: We met up with Micahel Patcher at GDC yesterday. In return for us showing him where to pick up his badge and sneaking him into the Luminaries Lunch, he told us why he thought Rockstar and Microsoft have yet to release any concrete download numbers for GTA IV DLC, The Lost and Damned.

The Wedbush Morgan analyst reckoned the content has so far failed to meet expectations for either company.

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nix3495d ago

well.. that's because GTA4 sucked big time. almost everyone lost interest. i was one of the people who bought it because of the hype and 10/10 which every sites gave fearing backlashes.

too bad for MS and R* that it didn't sell as much as they would have wanted. Around 1 million as against 6 million owners is a bad thing.

i fear for the second DLC even more.

InfectedDK3495d ago

"Buh buh but we got the exclusive download! And it was for "download exclusivity" only. We dont care if the PS3 gets the 2 dlc. packs on disc later cause we only paid 50 million n we love timed exclusivity"

Mindboggle3495d ago

Didnt Patcher say it will sell 2 million by the end of the year ?

Software_Lover3495d ago

For the 100th time (not towards you specifically)

The 50 million was so that Rockstar and Take 2 could continue development of GTA 4 without going bankrupt or being bought by E.A. Remember that whole ordeal? In return Rockstar gave them the Episodes. Going by defenition............... yes they paid and got episodes. But looking at the whole picture thats not what really happened.

thedarkvault3495d ago

quote from article:
“When I personally look at DLC, I wait until the second one is released, that way I have over 40 hours of extra content instead of 20. It’s like playing a whole other game,” he added. “And I think a lot of people feel the same way.

That seems like a pretty stupid comment, it assumes every DLC adds 20 hours of gameplay to a game, when really most add a few hours max.

I didn't get lost & damned, maybe in the future but it's not high up on my list, I'd rather wait for the next GTA installment.

Gambit073495d ago

I think you missed the part that it was Pachter who said that.

BULLETBOI3495d ago

Dlc's add about another couple of hours,maybe, if you are lucky...People need to understand that a dlc is a small added extra contain which is meant to inhence the overall experience....

GiantEnemyCrab3495d ago

You must not of played L&D. I put just as many hours into the DLC as I did the original story in GTA IV. It's not the typical 1-2 hour DLC..

UnwanteDreamz3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

I personaly don't think it was value at all because from what I can tell from reviews and such (dont own a 360) it was a great value. I think it boils down to timing if it didn't do as well as they hoped, and that is a big "if", I think the amount of time that passed between release and DLC might have had something to do with it. I know alot of gamers trade games and don't look back. All that said I think it sold well if not for the simple fact that he said it didn't.

Arkham3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

You must not *have* put much effort into your book-school-learnin', either.

Regardless of how cool the L&tD expansion may be (and it IS cool, I 'agree'd), at least take a break from gaming once in a while to learn a sh!t or two.

MmaFanQc3495d ago

they will release the dlc on the psn later this year....must be a timed exclusive.

InfectedDK3495d ago

No MS secured the exclusivity for dlc. but not for disc.
That means a disc with the 2 dlc. packs is high likely for both Xbox360 and PS3 in the near future.

GiantEnemyCrab3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

So Patcher has no information on the sales so what does he do? He automatically starts FUD that it's not successful. Didn't MS say it was the fastest selling DLC ever on XBL??

Again, game journalists head straight for the negative and assume the worst even if they have zero facts to back it up.

I bought it, loved it and will buy the next installment as well. The story was better than GTA IV and had a much better time with the DLC than the game.

This is the same guy who says this is the last gen consoles will be made.

mintaro3495d ago

Not to mention the guy who said the PS3 wouldn't have blu-ray....

Anon19743495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

@ mintaro. That wasn't Pachter.
@ giantenemycrab. He's not assuming the worst. He looked at Rockstar's target that they put in a forward looking financial statement and thought it was overly optimistic. Now he speculates that because neither company has yet to reveal how well it's doing that it's probably because it's not doing what they had hoped.
That just makes sense. Don't you think if it was doing extremely well Microsoft wouldn't be shouting it from the rooftops? When COD4 mappacks were selling great, Microsoft didn't hesitate to issue a press release crowing about the numbers. Now, no numbers? Don't you think that's odd? I bet anything Pachter will, once again, be proven right over time.

Edit: Also, Pachter DID NOT say consoles weren't going to be made anymore. He said the industry might move to a standardized console, something that's been in discussions with developers for years. Do you not even read the news articles?

HarukoHex3495d ago


then i guess Killzone 2, Res 2, LBP, and every other ps3 exlusive has failed to meet there expecation in sells and are thus failures.


iHEARTboobs3495d ago

What do PS3 game sales have to do with anything? And I don't think anyone ever said anything about the DLC being a failure.

Sarcasm3494d ago

You didn't know?

Hip Hop Gamer's real name is Michael Patcher...


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