PS3 Attach Rate Up To 3.4 Wii Attach Rate Up To 3.6

Now that we know what the software and hardware sales are, what about the spending habits of the gamer? In other words, how many games does the average PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii owner game? The NPD Fungroup estimates that the tie-in ratio for both the PS3 and Wii are fairly close, actually. In January, the average PS3 owner owned 2.7 games, and the average Wii owner had 2.2 games. For February there was a notable increase, as the numbers shot up a point. Now, the average PS3 owner owns 3.4 games, and the average Wii owner has 3.6.

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wildcat4326d ago (Edited 4326d ago )

I think many ps3 owners just needed to recover from the hefty purchase and there weren't many good games during launch anyways. I'm glad that the software is finally coming in.

eclipsegryph4326d ago

You could say that about the Wii, though, couldn't you? Well, aside from the hefty purchase bit.

Bebedora4326d ago

The sw/games definitely will come. Give the devs till fall and the mass will come....*l*

But honest to sony, I have to say the momentum when the ps drum starts to pound is there - in fall -07 and beyond. (no pun intended)

SmokeyMcBear4326d ago

serious.. gotta get the credit card bill down to a reasonable level to purchase some games, some might be just like me whereas I use it as my home entertainment center... something is just so cool about cycling through your dvd collection and pressing a button and having it play. I only have resistance and vf5. I'm thinking about motorstorm and baseball 2k7. We'll see.

Apocalypse Shadow4326d ago

and plan on getting 3 more before the month is up.gotta do taxes and stuff.....and things.....but yeah,the attach rate just keeps climbing.

too bad god of war 2 doesn't count.

techie4326d ago

First party PS3 games will fly off the shelves in the Uk with the £40 price - and hopefully third party games will follow - because it doesn't feel like Next-gen prices, which is nice.

Bathyj4326d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Getting deals doesn't hurt either. I just paid off my pre-order for next week in Austraila. To give you an idea of what games cost here, normally they were $100. X360 games are $120. I just bought Resistance $88, Motorstorm $88, F1 $88 and VF5 $99. 4 games (I'm helping to improve that attach rate ;) for $363 is a pretty good deal. Plus as soon as I get it home I will register online to get my Casino Royal BluRay movie. I think there are giving 20 or 40 thousand of them away in OZ, cant remember the exact number, but I'll make sure I'm in early so I dont miss out. Next week is going to ube so cool. I better finish GRAW 2 this weekend so I'll have time to play my new games.

PS I forgot Tekken DR and Flow. Be gettin them straight away too.

5 more sleeps to go.

kornbeaner 4.2
$100 might sound like a alot to you but thats what games have always cost here going back to SNES days. Even with X360 games going up to $120 its still not bad. Prices had to go up eventually. I'm not the kind of person who complains because they're cheaper in another country. A $60 game in the US would be $80 in Australia with the 75 cents to a dollar exchange rate but it doesn't work like that. It cost what it cost and if you want to ride you need to buy a ticket. I guess it has alot to do with where you live and the standard of living in that area. Games are a lot cheaper in Indonesia for example (mostly pirated, but even if they were'nt) its a 3rd world country and you wouldn't expect to pay $AU100 for a game there. Do you know how much stuff you can get for $AU100 in Bali? You even get a happy ending. Anyway my original post was just to show how happy I was to get PS3 games $32 cheaper than X360 games considering all the flack PS3 has copped over price.

Still 5 sleeps

kornbeaner4326d ago

WOW!! I didn't know it was that bad. But is it more expensive with reason, I mean here in the states Min.Wage is $7.25/hr with about 16.5% of that going to taxes. So Even at $60 we in the states are always a little pressed especailly with the cost of living being what it is. In California especailly Fuel cost $3.20 a gallon and the avarage worker has to drive at least 35 mile round trip just to work.

So in austrilla, is it about the same as it is here as far as money made and money spent or is it worst? cause if it's worst, $88 would really be killer! for a game.

Siesser4326d ago

I'm glad minimum wage is as high as it is where you live, but the FEDERAL minimum wage is only $5.15. States can have their own higher wage, but that's the national minimum.

techie4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Australian dollars people. You get almost 3 aussie dollars to the pound. So au$100 is £33. So $88 is about £30 - bargin my friend!

If I was to buy games from the US - $60 would be about £30 so I'm jealous!

Fuel costs! America gets the cheapest fuel in the world! It's £3 per gallon here - so that's $6!! And don't be mistaken there are loads of poor people here, in fact even my mum can't afford it. The price of houses here is crazy also - there are no first time buyers anymore. My house cost £200,000 ($400,000) and it's just a two bedroom terraced house :o

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SmokeyMcBear4326d ago

that 59.99 dollar price tag looked a little up there for me.

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