Deus Ex 3 to return to series' roots

NowGamer: Deus Ex 3's lead designer has said the third iteration in the action-RPG franchise will return to the "core values" of the original Deus Ex

"We ultimately decided to focus more on the first game," said Jean Francois Dugas. "In terms of being a Deus Ex game, we keep the core gameplay essence alive..."

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gaffyh3495d ago

OMG I am so happy, Deus Ex is my favourite Western RPG, and the first one was much much better than the second one. I'm getting this day one on PC

RistarUK3495d ago

Of course you'll play it on PC. FPS's just don't work on consoles, well, not until they get proper keyboard and mouse support and locked at 60+ FPS.

3494d ago
poopface13495d ago

I loved Deus ex 1, my 2nd favorite fps ever. way better than 2.

Does this mean they will bring back skill points? Lockpicks and multitools? 3 types of ammo for every gun? I sure hope so.