GDC09: Insomniac Talks Nocturnal Initiative

Loot Ninja writes:

"Whenever I hear about the Nocturnal Initiative, my mind goes in bad directions. Maybe I'm just a sicko, who knows. Anyway, yesterday at the PlayStation.Blog Lounge, Insomniac talked about the success of their open source code and documentation initiative to help other PS3 developers.

In case you aren't aware, Insomniac launched the project roughly 13 months ago (you can read more here). In that time, they've seen numerous people accessing the data, both game industry and outsiders, such as students and even IBM. The main goal is to bring new ideas to various other studios regarding SPU usage and programming on the PS3. In their words, this has been a "big success." One of the cool new features in the code is the water effect technology used in Resistance 2, which looked pretty damn good if you ask me."

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fire233584d ago

Always good to see this kinda stuff happening. Now if it could happen more often, that would be the true age of video games. But alas stocks, competition and company value make it too hard.