ONM: Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars Review

While Mushroom Men gets a lot right though, the one thing that does let things down is the temperamental camera. Admittedly, you can focus it back behind Pax at any time but the fact you can't lock it onto enemies targeting him means many fights involve running away to a safe distance and then doing a U-turn to get an idea of where everyone is without getting pummelled to bits.

It's a shame because if it wasn't for such an obvious irritation, Mushroom Men would undoubtedly be getting a Gold Award for its top-notch story, solid action and old-school puzzling solving. Unfortunately, its single failing happens to be a pretty major one - it doesn't stop ONM from recommending Mushroom Men, but it'll certainly have you swearing at your Wii Remote on more than a few occasions.

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