GDC: The Making of The Last Remnant

At GDC 09 Epic Games' Michael Capps and Daniel Vogel sat down with Square Enix's Hiroshi Takai and Robert Gray to discuss the ups and downs of building The Last Remnant with Unreal Engine 3.

Cerny opened the conversation by noting the wide discrepancy between Japanese reviews of the game and American reviews. While Famitsu gave the game an almost perfect score of 38 out of 40, American reviews were largely negative.

"I thought it was scored too high," Takai answered honestly. He theorized that Japanese reviewers tend to review a game from the point of view of a person who likes similar games whereas American and European reviewers are more subjective in their evaluations, scoring a game based on their personal reaction. Capps described starting the game up and immediately being faced with dense and confusing menus. "It was overwhelming," he admitted, although he remains proud of the finished product.

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Chris3993518d ago (Edited 3518d ago )

If I was any one of them, I would see to distance myself from The Last Remnant, not have a Q&A session. "Last Remnant, wassat? Never heard of it, sounds like a clinical condition - you should have your doctor look at that. Anyhoo... let's talk about Final Fantasy!" I'd say.

Oh, the PC version is a little better. No mouse support though, which is irritating.

Bumpmapping3518d ago

SE have lost their minds.How in hell can you be proud of the finished product of one of the worst JRPG'S this gen?