AppCraver Review: Parking Lot

Parking Lot has lots more content. There are 12 packs and more than 450 puzzles. You'll be busy for hours upon hours. Packs are the different types and numbers of cars in the maze. Puzzles are the different configurations of the cars in the maze. The most challenging part of Parking Lot is trying to get the car out in the least amount of moves.

Parking Lot has excellent graphics with bright and vivid colors. The stats board is cleverly done with moves, puzzle and difficulty information always on top. The soundtrack is okay but a little more variation would be appealing. One of the more interesting aspects of the game is that it doesn't have a progressive difficulty. You can have one puzzle that's hard. Next, you can have an easy one and then another of medium difficulty. It does give you the option to go back and play a puzzle again.

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