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Wii Balance Board has almost outsold PS3, says Nintendo

MCV Writes: GDC 09: Global sales of Wii Fit and peripheral just a few million behind Sony console

Nintendo this morning told attendees to its GDC keynote that the Wii Balance Board has almost outsold the PS3 globally.

Iwata referred to the device as almost a platform in its own right, pointing out that developers now have more options for games development and hardware to target.

"Some developers are already taking advantage of this opportunity," before a Nintendo rep demoed new Wii Ware game Rock 'n' Roll Climber.

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Pennywise3590d ago

In other news: Bottled water has outsold Cristal.

Mr_Bun3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

So many "wii fit" boards sold, yet there are still so many fat people...I only see videos of people that are already fit using it though....weird.

Either the fat people buying them aren't being recorded (Thankfully), or they are just looking at the box hoping to slim down through osmosis.

anh_duong3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

i spent more energy carrying the wii fit home from the shop than from using the thing

only thing i liked about it was getting my missus to do the hula hoopin

MURKERR3590d ago

ohh nintendo thats naughty you damn well know ps3s at 22million

Beast_Master3590d ago

Maybe Nintendo should concentrate on helping people like me find a reason to dust off their Wii.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3590d ago

With a reminder of PS3's actual install base, not last year's install base.

Smacktard3590d ago

Ahh, I got the reference, Pennywise. Water is a substance that humans need to survive, making it very practical, yet crystal does nothing more than sit there and look pretty. Ha! Ha! Good one!

BrotherNick3590d ago

Haha, in other news: 16 million people can afford Cristal. Realize that the ps3 is going for another market, and it's not Cristal lol. I would say an amazing gaming PC would be more like Cristal. What Nintendo said is kind of ridiculous though, as to the products not being competitors to each other than living room space.

SL1M DADDY3590d ago

Isn't 80% of the US population overweight? When you look at it that way it is obvious that a pseudo-weight loss program would sell like hot-cakes... No pun intended.

sunnygrg3590d ago

When the hell did Nintendo start acting like Microsoft? Bring some good games and we'll talk.

Gam713590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Ninty spinning numbers like son¥

Didn't they get the memo from son¥ that they aren't in competition with them?
If son¥ says so, it is law.

heroicjanitor3590d ago

Ooh now they are turning into microsoft... Are they expecting a comeback? Otherwise they wouldn't be bothered about the ps3, since sony never mentioned the other consoles when ps2 was stomping everything, and nintendo barely mentioned the ps3 til now. Also why did they lie? The ps3 is at 22 million, so someone should tell Nintendo 7 million is a lot...

Gam713590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

Why forget son¥ talking crap about competitors before this gen started and focus only on M$ copying them as if they started it.

It's alright for almighty son¥ to do but heaven forbid anyone else acts like them.

heroicjanitor3590d ago

Why what did Sony say? I haven't been paying attention since the start, the only thing I recall is "the next generation doesn't start until we say so", Which, at the time, was true.

Gam713590d ago

My comment wasn't aimed directly at you but everyone with selective memory that uses that line.

for example.
All from 2006

heroicjanitor3590d ago

But yeah they are more humble now, and I don't like to see anyone say it so just because someone said it back then doesn't justify it now. Especially when the wii is just winning without any effort put into the console/games and the underpricing of the ps3 to try and make it affordable, it just seems like picking on the guy who is last because he is trying to hard.

Gam713590d ago

You're right.

Ninty don't need to go down this road.

They've had the high ground in every way from the sales to their PR guys but this will embarrass them.

I will say that I do believe that if M$ was last then Ninty would've named them and not Son¥.

Still doesn't need to be said.

Sitdown3590d ago

Why? They already got your money.......and there are plenty who are willing to rise up in your place and spend money. Besides........perhaps it is just a sign that you keep a dusty house.

TheDude2dot03589d ago

Proof that almost 15 million people are idiots.

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resistance1003590d ago

The Graph nintendo showed was incorrect, since it has the PS3 at just over 15million units sold, well short of the 22million it has actually sold

gameplayer3590d ago (Edited 3590d ago )

The graph shows wii fit at about 14m, sony at about 16m, 360 at about 23m and wii at about 39m. I'm guessing nintendo is talking actual honest to god install base numbers not shipped numbers since general wisdom on shipped numbers has the consoles somewhere in the neighbourhood of [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] presently. I assume that the wii fit's shipped numbers are higher also... either way, it does show just how badly nintendo is owning this generation when it's peripheral is hot on the heels of it's competitors.


news4noobs3590d ago

especially since both pieces are on about the same technical level

twoface3590d ago

Both technically more stable than 360?

brycespitler3589d ago

ps3 is at 15 million

the ps3 is actually over 21 million

so wtf is up with the bullshhit lie

ShabzS3590d ago

what? even nintendo is starting to play dirty?

PS360WII3590d ago

Yeah as much as I like Nintendo they really didn't need to point this little ditty to us.

The 3rd party stuff was good to know but this...

Ischan3590d ago

That's what I thought too.
I thought they said wii is targeting casual market, and not competing directly with PS3/360.
Now it's interesting to see them positioning itself directly to PS3/360.
I guess it will be tough since both 360/PS3 have potential to grab casual market as well as maintaining the hardcore, in long run.
I remember someone thanks Nintendo to open the casual to gaming, and now those casual will need to "upgrade" their gaming tools. By then, they will look at PS3/360.

kwyjibo3590d ago

"I thought they said wii is targeting casual market, and not competing directly with PS3/360."

You thought wrong. Sony and Microsoft keep on telling everyone how they're not competing with Wii, because it shows them to be failing badly. Sony recently claimed that the iPhone wasn't competing with PSP either.

Ischan3590d ago

Yes, that seem to make complete sense too.
I was just basing on the Wii design which Nintendo decided to go about.
It's not really able to compete with PS3/360, tech spec. And the market is totally different demography. Therefore, it's not in direct competition.
By showing direct comparison with PS3/360 sales, they must have a big canonball to propell themself in PS3/360 market demography.

Or I could be wrong...but still interesting to see.

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panasonic233590d ago

ahahahhahahhhhha damn that fvck up

II Necroplasm II3590d ago

Lmao!!! Damn that is fvcked up.

There you go grasshopper.