Developer Interview: Ninja Theory's Marco Salvi Discusses Heavenly Sword's High Dynamic Range Lighting

Ninja Theory's exotic NAO32 rendering method gets explained by one of the minds that developed it.

"information we need to represent the amount of light that passes through every pixel of our picture, so that we can capture a scene in all its color and luminance-range richness. Unfortunately, current low-cost display technologies (common LCDs, CRTs, etc..) can't properly display an HDR image, so we need to go through a process called 'tone mapping' to remap our image to an LDR (Low Dynamic Range) image in order to display it on a screen.

Tone mapping can also be used to simulate the way our eyes slowly adapt to different light conditions. In the end it means a better visual experience for gamers, although it will take time for the industry to get it right."

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THAMMER16572d ago

I have seen some early game play footage and it looks like it will be fun to play. But how will they work in the motion-sensing joystick. That is the question.

Bhai6572d ago

"NAO32 on Xenos would cost developers shading power relative to FP10, however, and they would lose the ability to use the eDRAM for blending as well. So at this time, I believe something like NAO32 makes more sense on RSX than on Xenos."

...Damn I knew for only 100$ more, PS3 is the THING...Blu-ray, Motion sensing, free basic online were just hardware and packages, but now its known that the software rendering techniques also go ways further than 360. Waiting for Next-Gen, when it starts in Nov.

andy capps6572d ago

I saw this article last week, but it should be noted that he didn't say that the RSX was SO much better than the Xenos (even though in the article he does think that the RSX is better). He's just stating that NAO32 is more suited for RSX than Xenos.

Droidbro6572d ago

#2. That's about goddamned it.

richie007bond6572d ago

what u talking about man,software rendering techniques also go ways further than 360,wake up man the 360 gpu is more powerfull than the rsx that much has been proved,the 360 is just as capable as the ps3,look man its me your talking to not some sony drone.they might believe ur mince but the rest of us know better.......

achira6572d ago

hahaaa rsx is powerfuller than the xenos. you cant face the truth looooooooooser.

Droidbro6571d ago

yeah hes right, xenos most powerful on market

shoota336572d ago

Stfu rsx is more powerful shut your fanboy mouth up.they have not proved nothing this, stop talking out of your ass.

lilgringo6572d ago

Wow when you put it like that I have no choice but to believe you, I mean your're obviously not biased toward any of the systems and you seem very intelligent. YOU'RE MY HERO! *SMILE*

WOW6572d ago

I don't think you guys understand how you look when you make comments like that. I think honestly from everything I read the 360 and ps3 will be very close. It will come down to price and games. Thats it. Stop making us sony fans look stupid PLEASE. I don't think either one of you are developers are programmers. So neither one of you should make statements like that. Its stupid and childish. Come November even with both systems out. Some will enjoy both systems and some will enjoy one. But Fanboys will always think their system is better. I never bought an xbox but I knew that it was better than my ps2. I coudn't even lie to you. I'm not going to lie and say I got my ps2 for the games. I got my ps2 because i loved the original playstation. But my favorite games for the ps2 were Gods of war and GTA games. And yes I have played Halo 2 at my friends house and yes its cool. I wouldn't lie and say its not. But I just can't affort two consoles.

Guttersnype6572d ago

NAO32 was built for RSX. So of course would work better for that than Xenos. Had it been built for Xenos the opposite would have been said.

360theAssasinsCreed6572d ago

I think they are mad that MS dropped this game when it was offered to them, so that's their way of getting back at MS. Regardless this game looks sweet and hope it will have gameplay that is up to par with the graphics.