Kojima: I Will Never Retire

For his efforts in the field of game design for over twenty years, Hideo Kojima has been handed the prize for Lifetime Achievement at the ninth annual Game Developers Choice Awards.

Yet Kojima, the puppeteer behind that mesh of narrative strings known as Metal Gear Solid, announced at the ceremony that his work would continue for a long time.

Kojima, 45, said that he would never retire from the industry, and would keep making games until the day he dies. Such a vow is not rare for an industry built by individuals whose pastimes have developed into careers, yet fans of Kojima's work will no doubt be delighted that his presence in the games industry could very well be counted in decades.

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Superduper093495d ago

Yay! I am glad that Kojima is not retiring anytime soon lol. I absolutely love the MGS series.

meepmoopmeep3495d ago

can't wait to see what he has in store for the future

lepolohuevo3495d ago

that news is about 6 months old already...

Leio3495d ago

Amen to that. let bring up something fresh for E3 sensei..

Dmack793495d ago

I have Mad RESPECT for Hideo Kojima! He is a true gaming mastermind!

Trey4Lyfe3495d ago

the industry needs a man like him

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The story is too old to be commented.