Images of Prototype

Activision's Prototype was recently delayed once again, now with a June release date. Here's a couple of images from it, some might be tiny bit old.

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- Ghost of Sparta -4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

NOT! At first I thought that the reason why this game had such awful frame rate issues was 'cause they were focusing on the graphics too much but these screen shots are recent and...

Are you effing serious? Where did all the textures go and why is he holding an M16 like that? Dude I seriously just threw up oh my god just gtfo.

mugoldeneagle034202d ago

Isn't this the one taking place in NYC? Maybe they had to dumb down certain things in order to make the surroundings look more fluent.

Anyways there's gotta be some upcomming previews of this as it moves closer to launch, but as of now I'll probably be sticking with iNfamous (which looks gorgeous btw)

SupaPlaya4202d ago

Isn't inFamous releasing in June as well? Not a smart move IMHO.