INCGAMERS: MMO Weekly 26/03/09

Jeff Hollis is back with more news on the MMO worlds, this week looking at Star Wars: The Old Republic and Champions online to name a few.

"Hello there, my dear fellow gamers and newest BFFs, and welcome to this week's edition of MMO Weekly! In this week's probings of the dark underbelly of MMO games, we do a lot of scoping out of the very soul of online geekery, and then we mock everyone when they're most vulnerable. It's simply more fun that way. So....on with the news!"

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thetamer3496d ago

The whole Champions Online, City of Heroes thing was a complete waste of time! Who cares?!?!?

Leord3496d ago

Oh! StarWars Bounty Hunter class o.O!

AndyA3496d ago

Crimecraft sounds disappointing - was hoping for an MMO cops n' crooks not a cyberpunk shooter.

Fyzzu3496d ago

I'd prefer that but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. I think I'm more in love with the concept than what's been released though.

Leord3496d ago

Sounds almost like a Blizzard game by name. I guess they broke that "monopoly" now. Yeah, I'd much rather have had a present-day MMO in GTA style...

Terrice3496d ago

I agree, the current concept behind Crimecraft doesn't sit well with me...

Dorjan3496d ago

It's not really a big suprise that bounty hunters are in the new star wars mmo, although I do hope they re-introduce the "senitor" type class from player made citys like they had at the start of the old star wars mmo.

Leord3496d ago

"Senator"? =)

Yeah, it's a very cool idea. We'll see. Just because WoW have avoided player housing and everything about it has made other devs careful as well. People tend to forget that the first SW MMO had some good points.

Ganondorf3496d ago

Starwars Bounty Hunter class sounds cool...
Quite good ideas and thoughts in the article.

JonahNL3496d ago

It sure does! I like the direction they're taking with all the classes. If this works out for the best, I might try the game! ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.