How do you decide what games to buy?

Amazon's Game Room has an interesting post exploring all the different factors that go into making a game purchase, outside of game play that is.

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Creepa at GameManx4233d ago

Usually if it's a sequl to a really good title like GTA Series, or if I hear good things about it then most likely i will pick it up,oh yea money pay a factor in it to

Siesser4232d ago

For me, it's usually story and style. I don't care much for reviews, because A: it's just someone's opinion, and B: it's based off what the masses like, and I understand from the get-go that that will differ from what I like. For example, I don't like GTA, Gran Turismo, MGS, or FF. Pretty popular games though, right?

Basically, if the game seems in any way "new" as far as mechanics go, it'll pique my interst. Music games are an automatic interest. I may like the art and mechanics of a game, such as Okami and SotC. Or more story driven games like Indigo Prophecy. Some, it's purely based on the premise, like Viewtiful Joe and the horribly under-appreciated God Hand (I'll miss you Clover).

I basically use previews and reviews not for the writer's opinion of whether the game is good or not, but rather, to learn what it's about. When I first saw Assassin's Creed, I saw the crowd physics and heard the word "parkour," and immediately knew I'd get the game, regardless of what anyone thought of it. It's usually that simple a process to me; soemthing just sticks out.

Mikey_Gee4232d ago

.. is simple.

I buy games I will get the most bang for my buck out of. And for me "ONLINE" with friends rules over all.

So let's say I have two games I really like and want to buy but can only get one (usually I will buy both, but just for example) I will go with the one my other friends have since I love XBL with friends I know rather than the open public which is riddled with idiots.

IPlayGames4232d ago

I normally look for screen/shots or game play footage. I also read EGM and Gameinformer for story and action controls schemes. Then with the new gen they normally got DLable demos. Then last but not least theres word of mouth or renting.

FeralPhoenix4232d ago

For me its very simple; all I need is to know what the game is about and see 2 to 3 different samples of the gameplay footage and I know if I will like the game or not. I never rent games, and although I have brought a few games over the years that I thought were not as good as what I originally thought, I still think I have a pretty good eye because I can honestly say I have only brought 1 game in the last 5 yrs that it turned out I regreted buying(didn't like it). I think most "gamers" who have been gaming for along time like myself can tell very quickly if we will like a particular game or not, however I do like reading reviews and I think they can be very helpful for some background info before you buy.

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