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- Ghost of Sparta -3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Didn't think you'd be able to control the Cyclops like that. I mean I saw it happen in the trailer but I thought it was just for show. Kratos is one bad motherfugger. I think you'll have the option of either killing it (QTE style) or going into that "creature riding" mini-game stuff we just saw.

PoSTedUP3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

.........only on playstation3?

that s*** was ILL!

damn i cant wait for this game to drop.

Ghoul3986d ago

when damaging/hurting a cyclops after you jump on his back, puts him in frenzy mode attacking everything around him

this game looks incredible

- Ghost of Sparta -3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Gotcha. Pretty sure it's you who decides in what direction it swings though.

Ghoul3986d ago


as stated in an interview hes "frenzy" he just attacks the next oponent and most likely travels towards him, you dont have any controll over the beast directly

- Ghost of Sparta -3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

Ah okay. It just seemed like hitting Square causes Kratos to stab it in the neck, which then forces the Cyclops to swing.

Daz3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

i told you it turn up :P looks lot of fun.

andron3986d ago

He changes direction according to where you stab him. Could be used to make puzzles where you would need to ride a cyclops to break down a wall or big structure...

Raf1k13986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

cant wait to get my hands on this game

but did anyone notice how short the animation cycle is for the cyclopse's frenzy walk?

i personally found it a little too noticeable :S

-GametimeUK-3986d ago

Looks amazing BUT...

... A lot of people from this site were complaining about Resi Evil 5 not changing much from Resi Evil 4 last gen... This game looks to be stupidly similar to the other God Of War titles so I guess you lot are gonna be disappointed...

Screw the fanboys... I will love God Of War 3 XD

Beg For Mercy3986d ago

god the music the graphics the gameplay the animation the Fckin PS3

Saigon3986d ago

it made me laugh insanely...

3986d ago
morganfell3986d ago

Well you miss the point gametime. RE5 changed too much from earlier predecessors where as GoW3 appears to be maintaining the core essence of the identity that makes GoW unique.

sonarus3986d ago

@gametime realistically what can they change. They can only add new gameplay elements and thats what the've done with cyclops.

I am a little disappointed with the whole frame rate. I hope they can do it like MGS4 where it didn't stutter when jumping from 60fps to 30fps...if they can't, they should just leave it as 30fps. Don't want stuttering frame rate

talltony3986d ago

that dnt know, this game does run at 60 frames per second it just never drops below 30 frames per second on the biggest action sequences. I bet this game will run smoothly at 40 frames most of the time.

chaosatom3986d ago

Even at this stage. It still has some time to go.

3986d ago
solideagle13986d ago

the RE 5 trailer at least i was like WOW at the graphics but GOW 3 does not have that factor? is it because of the Youtube quality or is it the camera is not too close?


arika3986d ago (Edited 3986d ago )

i believe from the video i saw you can control the big cyclops because everytime kratos stabs it on the neck it changes direction, but i also notice that you can only control it for a certain amount of time. looking awesome though! i can't wait to see kratos bringing his chaos on my ps3! (8->)

Dark General3986d ago

That is true gametime. Difference for me is GoW (the original) is my favorite game of all time and more on that core gameplay is great to me. I'm sure it'll have enough new variety while building on the core mechanics. Just look at GoW2 in comparison to the original. There was a sh** ton of new weapons, items, puzzles and boss fights that felt completely different. That was and will be enough for me from GoW3. Yes i'm biased when it comes to Gow3 because it's my favorite franchise.

likedamaster3986d ago

It's amazing how NOTHING has changed since GoW1/2.

beardpapa3986d ago

I don't think there was a framerate problem in the video. It seemed to me it was more of that "shaky screen" effect everytime his cyclops was taking a smack on the skellies. That effect is used on other games too.

s8anicslayer3985d ago

Even in that low quality of a video you can see the amazing amount of detail in the game, absolutely amazing! Just goes to show us the might of the ps3! Absolutely Stunning!

SevWolf3985d ago

I know, you're statement is soooooooo...oooooooooo true you couldn't be more right espescially from a twenty second unpolished preview of this game since all they did was swing the blades a couple of times and then do the exact same move which was found in the previous GOWs which is they controled the cyclops....../sarcasm(incase anybody didnt realize)

Back on subject, that wasnt amazing but it wasnt dissapointing, for all the people who didnt believe the trailer was in-game,look at 0:18 he does the exact same fake or skip(crossover) on the cyclops, and it looked really gd, eventhough the cyclops's animation were pretty repetitve but as i said above its unpolished, and Im 1000000000000% sure they will fix it and wont dissapoint

Ju3985d ago

@talltony Don't know why you got disagrees. But that's what they said. It is not LOCKED at 60fps. And it never drops below 30fps. What that means its variable between 30 to 60fps, nothing more or less. 30fps can be absolutely flicker free (most games run 30fps only!), means everything above is a bonus, actually. If they can run that in a dynamic way with vsync on, and without frame tear, well, then its all good and if it will average out at say 40fps, then its more then most games run these days.

xwabbit3985d ago

I wonder if you can move the camera with the right analog stick

Spydiggity3985d ago

not saying this won't be a good game, cuz i'm sure it will...but this video was laaaaame.

P.S. it's sad that i have to preface my statement with an admission of quality just to avoid fanboy hate mail. and i'm sure i'll still get called a 360 fanboy.

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Cajun Chicken3986d ago

OMG, that is intense and is sure to dissapear from Youtube in under 3 hours. I'm going to Zamzar this.

ThatCanadianGuy3986d ago

It's just as amazing as i thought it would be.

Even through the cam & youtube quality it looks incredible.

II Necroplasm II3986d ago

WOW...... did not even imagine we would get to see anything untill E3

Bob Dole3986d ago

Volumetric blood. Nuff said.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3986d ago 'God of War 3' you could jump on pp's back!!! ;-D
(in the Video)

Another QUALITY PlayStation Game to add to my PS3,PS2+PS1 collection;)