Can Social News Networks Be Trusted?

G4 reports: "We all, painfully, know that it's impossible to trust the mainstream media. Many people have turned to social news sites like Digg for their daily dose of goings-ons in the world.

However, these sites are controlled by the will of the masses, and the masses are comprised of people like...people and me.

Regular people.

Is "the public" a good measure of what's important in the world of news?"

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MikeGdaGod4260d ago

so i know this doesn't directly refer to gaming, but this site is a social news network and when i saw this last night on G4tv the first thing that came to mind was N4G, not Digg.

kingboy4260d ago

For a second i thought they were going to make reference to N4G Oh well!

BubblesDAVERAGE4260d ago

muchfaster way to find news better then gamepro...

GaMr-4258d ago

Hate to toot my own horn but. I notice alot of my stories on other sites... Days later. I try my best to keep you guys ahead of the pack.

TheMART4258d ago

That's with most of the stories posted here, not only yours.

Guys like DC RID3, deepbrown and others are on it. One of the biggest I miss lately, Outlaw was posting a lot in the past. He might be still around, only less active. The same for me. Looks like DC RID3R will go for that 500 dollars this month! (wasn't that the price for the most posted stories?)

JasonXE4258d ago

Most of us in the field just get press releases that everyone gets. What get you ratings is the spicy news that feeds to the public. Something like ET or inside edition stuff...whatever get's ratings. It's interesting how n4g and the sites you're linking are the one's that are getting 'money' off you being 'contributors' unless you work for the site your linking. Oh well...

GaMr-4258d ago (Edited 4258d ago )

Im not stealing anyones thunder. Im just saying. I know without a doubt that I put an effort. Not just site hop and do copy and paste jobs. I will actually read an article before submitting it. Or investigate leads to find bigger stories. Im not sure who else I can possibly say that for. Thats why I spoke for myself. Im not conceited dont make me out to look like a jerk. Yea DC will probably win it for most stories submitted. Something I would never win because I write most of my own summaries and actually read my stories as oppose to constant copy and paste. I will admit sometimes their is just no other way but the ol copy and paste. But most of the time I read it and break it down in a much more reader friendly manner.

As far as hottest story of the month. Lets just say

I have yet to submit it! ; )

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