Phyre Engine - GDC 09: Developer Walkthrough

GameTrailers write, "Take a tour of the engine that powers Flower."

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xhi43494d ago

photorealistic much?

- Ghost of Sparta -3494d ago

This is the engine that powers Flower? I seriously did not know that.

Hydrolex3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

The guy that works for a GAME DEVELOPER said the SPEs and GPU worktogether

True that Xbox 360 gpu alone is lil bit more powerful than PS3 but at the end PS3 GPU gets help from spes and cell and which 360 doesnt not

7 spes + cell + GPU

achira3494d ago

looks damn awesome.
would be cool, a nice game in this style.

Ischan3494d ago

Great future for games developer. They have several choice to realize their idea.
Now, seem there is no excuse for them to become PS3 'lazy' developer.
And to think this is in early 3rd year of PS3, only idea is the only limit them.

whateva3494d ago

when I seen that video all I could think about was a new Medievil game for the PS3

Bathyj3494d ago

Fire Engine, Ha, I just got that.

Wow, flower was done on a free engine. bububu PS3 is so expensive to dev for.

I bet not having to pay for Unreal frees a bit of cash up.

Defferd rendering, volumetric fog, all them lights, holy crap.

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