X-Play: Wheelman Review

There's no doubt that Wheelman succeeds in offering over-the-top, cinematic chases, well-designed vehicle melee mechanics, and an impressive recreation of Barcelona in which to carry out endless acts of vehicular insanity. Unfortunately, the game is so utterly content to be a mindless, uninspired action-crime game that it oftentimes sacrifices fun for the sake of pseudo-intensity. Chases can be exhilarating at times, but then something inevitably comes along to pull you out of the experience (having to ram a car seven or eight times to bring it down, watching enemies warp speed back into position after you've pulled off some incredibly skilled maneuver to lose them, etc.).

And while there is quite a bit to do in terms of side missions and upgrades, the lack of multiplayer, especially given the slick vehicle mechanics, is a real disappointment. Overall, Wheelman isn't the worst car on the lot, but a test drive is about all it's worth.

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