Moore: 'Sony Gave us a Price Cut'

You will have doubtless seen escalating gossip in recent weeks that foretells a major drop in the price of Xbox 360 hardware, with the most oft touted reduction being $100 in the US and €100 in the EU.

Speaking exclusively to SPOnG, Microsoft's Peter Moore outlined the thinking in Redmond at this time. When asked how much the Xbox 360 will be this Christmas, Moore explained, "We're all feeling pretty comfortable with where we're at right now. I'm not sure why we'd change it. Sony gave us a price drop at E3. Obviously we don't talk about pricing [openly] and stuff happens but we have no plans to cut the price right now."

Moore continued, "I think that our volume feels good, our corporate speed feels good, the content feels great, Xbox Live is just on fire, so were very happy with things as they stand."

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Nodoze6536d ago

While I agree with the pricing model, Moore better streamline the content release on Live! There has not been a single siginificant release on Live since E3. In fact one of the demos (Chromehounds) is still MIA even though it was released to MS the week of E3!? Additionally they better start posting content to arcade soon. Frogger, Galaga, and Pac-Man have been available to the media for almost a month now....with no sign of release any time soon!! Street Fighter is still MIA as well!?

Schmitty076536d ago

Why give a price cut when the competition is $100-$300 dollars more expensive. (Factoring in Core 360-Premium PS3 for 300 more...etc.)

Silver3606536d ago

They are losing $125 for every premium package they sell. So like the PS3 wait a year for the costs to drop. I have mine so you can do whatever.

Droidbro6536d ago

But if they were planning on dropping $100 until Sony announced that the PS3 would be $600 they should still drop the price. This is MS, they of all people have the money. A $200 360 would destroy a $600 gaystation

tom15956536d ago

but they wouldnt make any money. sure, they dont NEED it... but they still want it. who doesnt!

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USMChardcharger6536d ago

yeah, i said this in a previous post. why cut the cost? it would not make sense. when ps3 drops cost, which i think would be awhile, then drop the cost of the 360.

dantesparda6536d ago (Edited 6536d ago )

While i agree that they dont need to give a price cut because of their competition. I cannot agree that not dropping the price is a good thing, and i payed $400 for mine ($420 with tax, LOL). Cuz while they 360 is a better deal bang for buck than a PS3 at $500-$600, is still too much for a game system. And i know that the technology in it aint cheap (a 3-core CPU with a close to R600 feature-wise comparable GPU), but still.

Guttersnype6536d ago

As it stands I don't see a reason for a price cut. It's already $100 less than the PS3. Plus from what I heard MS wants to make a profit this time around in their gaming divison. This would not be possible it they keep cutting the price of the system. They are already taking a loss, why take a larger loss if you don't have to?