"This modern world is literally turning men into pussies"

Are Games the Last Bastion of Manliness? Gameplayer examines the question

"Masculinity is under threat. This modern world is literally turning men into pussies. If only that were idle hyperbole. But no: widespread environmental contamination by tens of thousands of different kinds of pesticides is distorting the hormonal balance of all vertebrate life. Including man."

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Sarevok3590d ago

Good thing I am still living in 1998!
really wtf XD

SlappingOysters3590d ago

can you explain what happened in 1998 for us slow people

Sarevok3590d ago

Baldur's Gate my all time favorite game was made duh! xP

Cajun Chicken3590d ago

If you think that Marcus Fenix and chainsaws on guns is something worth celebrating masculinity, well, yeah...I guess you think that steriods are natural.

Alcon3590d ago

I prefer being a marcus fenix instead of those JRPG 'guys' , where you're often not sure if it is in reality a guy or not lol

SlappingOysters3590d ago

Well but Alcon.

The Duke is the granddaddy, and all came characters should be dedendents of his endless wit and charm

Bazookajoe_833590d ago

But chick dig softer guys, so the androgene jrpg guys probably get more p***y (lol)

Swiftfox3590d ago

This seemed more a rant about current political policey and mainstream media views that they just tagged on video games at the end.

The author resents the fact that men are being portraid as simpletons yet he points to Marcus Fenix as an icon of true masculinity. Marcus Fenix, a testosteron filled hulking He-Man, who's soul job it to utter truly thick dialoge and part bad guys hair clear through to their toes.

Still unsure what the author was trying to get at.

deathray3590d ago

I dunno... reading the article. The whole point of the story is in the first paragraph about pollution. The rest is fluff.

DanSolo3590d ago

It's true, Men are turning into girly pussies, and for some reason alot of people seem to think this is a good thing..... But I never did credit the majority of society with much common sense so I spose I shouldn't be too surprised!