1UP: Infamous Preview

1UP writes: "Now that Killzone 2's hype has passed, Sony is looking to their next batch of first-party games to show off the Playstation 3's muscle. And next on the list is inFamous, a third-person superhero videogame in the line of Crackdown and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows, with electrical powers replacing your guns and web shooters. Sony's original IP looks to have all the necessary ingredients setup to lure people still sitting on current-gen fence over to the PS3.

inFamous looks fantastic and Cole, the game's main character, animates fluidly through the decimated ruins of Empire City (Garnett said it best in last month's preview, that it channels Escape from New York). Other characters in the game, including the bystanders, don't look quite as good yet, but another texture pass before it comes out in June should turn this into a good-looking action title."

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STONEY43496d ago

To be honest, I don't get the hype for this game, it looks like an average game to me.

Cyrax_873496d ago looks like GTA but with the ability to use superpowers and be able to move around similiar to spiderman, which to me equals a win :D

Ischan3496d ago

Cyrax, agreed.
To me, enjoying whatever happening on the screen. More thing going on and smooth, more enjoyable.


Rhezin3496d ago

well maybe because you don't know a masterpiece when you see it. GTFO!

al_manadi3496d ago

it's made by suckerpunch so it should be decent.

not expecting anything incredible though.