Pat Benatar coming to Rock Band

Amidst the drunkenness at the Harmonix Rock Band party, Joystiq learned that Pat Benatar's "other really popular song" is headed to Rock Band 2. If you rule out "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (Guitar Hero 3 launch and Rock Band via DLC) and "Heartbreaker" (Guitar Hero: World Tour), that pretty much leaves "Love Is A Battlefield" as the likely contender.

Either that, or they'll go for something super obscure like "Somebody's Baby" from her 1993 "Gravity's Rainbow" album. Uh ... not that Joystiq knew that off-hand or anything.

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Bumpmapping3496d ago

Eww shes nasty looks like a walrus ass!

sa_nick3496d ago

Actually, it's 'Heartbreaker' thats coming to RB. Just a heads up.

ThatArtGuy3496d ago

Good. It's a much more demanding song on a technical level. Should translate to harder gameplay.