(OPM) God of War III confirmed in Fall 2009?

bought the Official Playstation Magazine and on the release date, theres Launch: Fall.
coming from an official playstation magazine, could this be true?
check the images at the post on forums and also an artwork.

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TrevorPhillips3496d ago

man this is the best day of my life with all the good games being announced at GDC09 and now this yaay :)

YungXclusive2K93496d ago

Alot of 360's RROD at the howl of Kratos

- Ghost of Sparta -3496d ago

This is a forum post and there's no way God of War 3 will be released in 2009. I don't even want it this year, honestly. I'm in no rush to play the best game ever and Sony Santa Monica should be taking their time with it.

ttigass3496d ago

its in the official playstation magazine... did you see the pics?

YungXclusive2K93496d ago

Too bad i can't read that language.

Anybody up for a clan match in KZ2 to kill time?lol im serious

- Ghost of Sparta -3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Pretty sure it's a placeholder date seeing how Sony has NOT confirmed a Fall 2009 release date for God of War 3. This is how the "DelayStation" was born, from people posting false information in forum threads. If you wish to know the real release date for God of War 3 you'll need to wait for E3.

thebudgetgamer3496d ago

so we will put a question mark at the end of the title.


FlameBaitGod3496d ago

On Topic: really nice if it comes out on 2009, but we need a break, 2 many exclusives coming to the PS3. I dont got that much money to spend.
Off Topic: Too many good news about the PS3 on N4G, 360 fan boys not use to it. They dk how to react to it, some even stopped posting but the hardcore fan boys still post & defend the 360 about being better and having a better line up this year like whythis. I think he gets paid by M$.

Seraphim3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

how is this news?

anyway, I believe SCEA [Santa Monica] is shooting for Fall 09 but every single GoW to date has been tentatively scheduled for Fall 0X and came out the following March. Just because it's in print doesn't mean it's going to happen. Fall 09 is a timetable we've heard for some time but until a precise date is given later this year, or next, I don't see how this is newsworthy.

Even in OPMs April 09 issue w/ the 150 New Games feature GoW is #1 and listed as Late 09. I can probably run through all my publications from the last two months which had GoW in it and find a Late 09 release date. Play, GI, OPM...

Domenikos3495d ago

Im expecting this pearl on Q1 2010 just like KZ2 (2009).

SuperM3495d ago

They have been working on their PS3 engine since 2005. And they have had the entire team working on the game for 2 years. Why would they not be able to finnish it this year? Just because the other God of War games were released in march doesnt mean this one will. If anything it was supposed to come out this march but delayed until fall to finish the game.

I think people need to stop thinking that unless its not released at the same time as all the other God of War games it must have been rushed. If anything it could've been delayed. But most probably Sony wants the game out when its done, which may or may not be this fall.

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swiftshot933496d ago

Not only is it not coming out this year, but I dont WANT it this year. Too many games already+they need to take their sweet time and polish the hell out of this game.

Aclay3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

I've had this months issue of Playstation Magazine since early March... I saw the date they had for God of War 3, but didn't take it totally seriously just yet because Sony Santa Monica themselves haven't officially announced the release date, and Late 2009 has always been the Rumored Date.

... If I'm not mistaken, Sony Santa Monica said that the God of War 3 release date will be revealed at E3, so eventually well all know.

In the Magazine, they have the release date for DC Universe Online for Late 2009 and The Agency for Winter, and just yesterday it was confirmed that both DC Universe Online and The Agency would be coming out in 2010... I'd definantly take the magazine's release date for God of War 3 with a grain of salt.

Bubble Buddy3496d ago

I actually want GOW in March. (Before March Break?:)). Fall is gonna be busyyy. Uncharted 2, NBA 2K10, Beatles Rock Band, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, etc etc. I need to save up. o_0

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