Unreal Engine Technology 2009 Features Trailer: What Can Epic Games Do For You?

G4TV writes: "Nearly every gamer on the planet has experienced some type of game that was created using Epic's Unreal Engine. Looking to continue their industry popularity with game developers Epic unleashed a slew of new features to their Unreal Engine 3. To illustrate the engine's details in slick Epic Game fashion is a new trailer highlighting all the powerful new tools in action.

From the dynamic global illumnation tool Lightmass, to PS3 downloadable content support be sure to check the official features listing."

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Vortigaunt4315d ago

As usual, Unreal Engine 3 looking badass.

Montrealien4315d ago

impressive, this could o a long way for user created content. Gj epic, supporting the modding community like champs, as always.

osamaq4315d ago

This is not even can be compared to cryengine 3, cryengine 3 looks really like next gen not a peace of crap like this.

ITA_Mafia_Boy4314d ago

where they say .. NO TEXTURE POP IN.
Or maybe not ...

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snaz274315d ago (Edited 4315d ago )

man they gave us free stuff for the ps3 version of unreal tornament they didnt have to do that they could have done the same as capcom and tried to squeeze a few extra quid out of us with bs dlc but instead they gave us trophies (even though the game had been out ages) they gave us new maps vehicle characters and the mod system all for free!! i love epic for that they are awesome in my book... ok devs using there engine all the time and getting the games looking all shiny and the same is down to the devs not epic mate... i look forward and will support any project they do next as i know they look after and support us too

STONEY44315d ago

The best part of the video was the song.

Arsenic134315d ago

Im honestly tired of the Unreal Engine. These are some nice additions but all the games looks similar and its annoying. Laminated metallic stuff.

TheHater4315d ago

This suppose to be the big game announcement tonight? If it is, this is pretty fricken lame

fire234315d ago

Impressive, both the multi-computer speed-up for lighting and the improved browsing will help dramatically. Lighting upgrades are pretty nice as well, however it might take a little bit before we see those upgrades.

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The story is too old to be commented.