Halo 3 Price Confirmed

On the same day as Microsoft slips out the first pack shots for the mega-stunner-360 soon-to-be-hit, Halo 3 our sources in the US-of-A tell us that the company has confirmed pricing - for the Legendary pack at least.

Microsoft and Bungie have just press released the world and its cousin, Phil, with the fact that there will be three versions: Standard Edition, Limited Edition and the ultimate collector's item, the Legendary Edition.

Rather than the $99.99 we'd all expected, the Legendary edition is going to be $129.99. We assume that Standard will retail at $69; the Limited edition will be $59.

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i rule4259d ago

best hundred i ever spent

shotty4259d ago

I getting the limited edition to go with my limited edition Halo 2. Even though I bought my xbox 1 at launch I didnt even know about Halo until over a year after I got my system (I picked up PGR 1 with the console).

Sphinx4259d ago

So I'll get the run-of-the-mill standard one.

stingray91914259d ago

I am getting 1 Legendary and 1 Limited!

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The story is too old to be commented.