Console Monster: The Wheelman Review

Console Monster writes: "I didn't exactly have high hopes for The Wheelman when I first heard about it. "A cinematic blockbuster starring Vin Diesel" are never the best choice of words. I'm not a fan of Vin Diesel, but I did enjoy Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay for the Xbox, and that's about it. So, when The Wheelman arrived for me to play through I was surprised. But only a little.

I'm going to kick things off on a negative. The story is horrific. Absolutely terrible. You play as Milo, Vin Diesel's character, who is an undercover driver working for some organisation (that is never made clear) in Barcelona. His goals are never made clear, the goals of the three rival gangs are never made clear either, nor are the reasons why you are even doing these missions. There are cutscenes, but none of them make any sense, and it really distracts from the game. You're looking for some guy named Felipe, chasing some people down, stopping World War 3?! I didn't know, and I soon quickly found myself not caring about the cutscenes..."

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