Backstage with Guitar Hero" Launches Tomorrow in PlayStation Home

The time has come for all of you virtual rock stars to get your butts into PlayStation Home and show off your sickest riffs and slickest licks. That's right - on Thursday, March 26th, Activision is launching their first PlayStation Home space to support their hit franchise - Guitar Hero. And you're invited to the launch party

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rCrysis3496d ago

wow. PS HOME is on fire!

So much support for HOME. it's amazing

DeforMAKulizer3496d ago

Wow that was unexpected!
Can't wait to see it tomorrow =D

THC CELL3496d ago

BrunoM - 1 hour ago

i sent these like a hint to EA space these month so fat RE5 space XI Hub and thats 2 for now one missing lol...

i mai be wrong but just sounds right..

eat ur words boy

shame its not ea space tho

ChozenWoan3496d ago

Good thing Home is free!!!

Man, this month has seen WH space, RE space, Xi, and now GH!!!!!!

I'm scared to see what else comes to Home next month... but I'm sure I'll find a way to overcome my Home-a-phobia.