TGR News Roundup: New Zelda, Final Fantasy Announced at GDC

Satoru Iwata dropped the bombshell on GDC attendees that new Zelda and Final Fantasy games are in the works. Also, Michael Pachter says that OnLive is the end of consoles as we know it.

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cain1414263d ago

Nintendo had a fairly interesting GDC keynote...

Bnet3434263d ago

Same old sh*t with Nintendo. I'm getting tired of these Zelda games.

ChickeyCantor4263d ago

I love them zelda games, so where does it leave this?

Viewtiful4263d ago

Yeah it was filled with bombshells for sure, but I mean at this point you've got like a 50/50 shot with any Nintendo press invitational that they'll announce a new Zelda/Mario/Metroid/Pokemon.

It's good news, but it shouldn't be surprising anymore.

Ocelot39974263d ago

Zelda games have taken a huge slide in the past 5 years. There hasn't been a good one since Wind Waker so I'm not excited in the least.

cain1414263d ago

I wasn't a huge fan of wind waker to be honest... I want to see a next gen zelda. But I'll have to wait for nintendo on that... maybe when duke nuke em forever comes out...

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mr durand pierre4263d ago

Excited for the new Zelda, but not too keen on the whole train thing. Sticking on a track seems even more restrictive than sailing.

cain1414263d ago

I would have rather seen a Wii zelda...

tehk1w14263d ago

I would have rather seen a REAL zelda thing.

Honestly, this toon link rubbish has to go.

redfield854263d ago

I just hope they have taken out that atrocious dungeon backtracking crap from PH.

Ocelot39974263d ago

lol Link has always been cartoony, just now they use a beautiful colorful art style that some Unreal Engine weaned gamers can't handle. "Needs moar Brown! Moar Guts! Moar Gray!"

DK_Switch4263d ago

Yes, because when I think "gritty realism," I think The Legend of Zelda.

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NeverforgetNES4263d ago

Freakin Awesome. Can't wait for Zelda!

Vicophine4263d ago

ANOTHER Final Fantasy? Release at least one of the main entries to the series first...

interrergator4263d ago

yea but the new zelda game is comin out on ds

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The story is too old to be commented.