Gamespot: Resistance 2 DLC Impressions

By now most people have plowed their way through Resistance 2 and dealt with the Chimera invasion in the single-player mode and the eight-player co-op modes. It's also likely that most players have found their groove in the game's competitive multiplayer mode. But just when players have probably found their comfort zones, developer Insomniac Games is about to shake things up in its PlayStation 3-exclusive shooter with a suite of new downloadable content. Gamespot had the chance to visit Insomniac's Southern California offices recently to get a peek at the new content that will come in both free and paid flavors and that seems guaranteed to give you a reason to revisit the game's cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

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Awesome Cant wait, i for won love Resistance2

krouse933495d ago

Reviewers were harsh on this game for how awesome it is. I wanna buy the DLC but i just bought Flower adn Noby Noby Boy Yesterday....