Resistance 2 DLC and Patch 1.50 Available for Download on March 26

Game on! Tomorrow (March 26) we'll be bringing you a host of downloadable content for Resistance 2, plus another patch that helps improve the online experience even further (and includes several requests that came from…well, you!).

The DLC comes in two forms: new competitive multiplayer maps and character skins. The Aftermath Map Pack features three new battlefields, two set in Twin Falls (Aftermath and Pit Stop) and another in Orick (Outpost). All of the maps support 20-player Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, while Outpost also lets you play 20-player Core Control. The Aftermath Map Pack will be available for download through the PlayStation Store for $5.99.

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Press_Agree3497d ago (Edited 3497d ago )

It says Second-PSN Login which is not a feature in the current PS3 firmware 2.60, i am 100% certain the this requires a full PSN update so this clearly means the 2.70 update is coming tomorrow. Press Agree.

issa30323497d ago

Actually you guys are misinformed:
The insomniac guy replies:
No. As I said before - our patch does not require 2.7.

Right… but the required update from Sony WAS NOT 2.7, and we’ve already had it as we’ve been testing it — as many others in this thread have said.

This is clearly stated in one of his replies to the original post.

whoelse3497d ago

This is very strange. What about the comment he made on Joystiq. Maybe that guy is fake!!

Lord_Ranos3497d ago

Im thinking on buyng this

butterfinger3497d ago

average graphics, but great gameplay and awesome multiplayer then I would highly recommend this. I still play frequently. :D

krouse933497d ago

You should it is a great game.

krouse933497d ago

@ Butterfinger the graphics for single player are pretty awesome though like above average and good but they get a little downgraded for the multiplayer.

butterfinger3497d ago

That's true, the graphics in the single player are actually pretty good. I loved everything about the single player, to be honest. I thought the campaign was better than Killzone 2's.

DirtyLary3497d ago

Yes the single player was awesome. I actually wanted to finish it and looked forward to each level, totally engrossed in the story.

KZ2 bored the everliving crap outta me.The RE2 characters and enviroments are believable and the variety of enemies and environments drive you to see whats coming next.
I never even cared to finish KZ2 but RE2 I did.

Online is challenging and rewarding .
Highly recommend it.

Lord_Ranos3491d ago

My PSN name is Wardragon1012 if you wanna add me.

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pwnsause3497d ago

-James Stevenson

"I have no info for you on 2.7.

The two-log in feature is already supported."

i guess i was wrong. :(

Cajun Chicken3497d ago

Hmm, I was expecting some SP content or a splitscreen patch, oh well.

Trebius3497d ago

I've been playing it kind of religiously for a few weeks...I cant get enough of it. At first I only played co op and i didnt care for I cant stop playing competitive and I go back and forth...haha...i will most definitely be downloading this patch.

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