TGR Editorial: PS3 Coming to Life in Japan

New sales figures are showing that at long last the PS3 is showing signs of life in the land of the rising sun.

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eagle214263d ago

And in Sony years this generation is far from done. :)

Multigamer4263d ago

10 years? yeah then the 720 will be miles ahead like the 360 now!

eagle214263d ago

you can't predict the future for

we know Sony supports their systems for a long time. Overlapping hasn't hurt ps2, in fact ps2 outsold 360 in japan last week. LMAO

Leio4263d ago

Just wait and see when Final Fantasy hit the store :D

XxZxX4263d ago

I tell you how to increase PS3 sales and decrease Microsoft sales.

Quote Aaron Greenberg word, "PS3 is hemorrhoids in sales" and put in Japan newspaper. See how japanese get insulted when they see their product like that.

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predator4263d ago

it is about time, imagine what FFXIII and GT5 would do to sales?

Viewtiful4263d ago

I would have thought this would happen 2 years ago.

QuackPot4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

The Ps3 will rocket in sales once it has the right price and games....including the ps3 version of the wii-mote.

It's like a sleeping giant in Japan, waiting for the right time to cause chaos and its competition.

But I just want the rumored snap-apart Play-mote for fast-as aiming with shooters.

SlamVanderhuge4263d ago

Nice to see. Hopefully theyll step their game up software wise

predator4263d ago

a few more JRPG's would do the trick

thebudgetgamer4263d ago (Edited 4263d ago )

???? the only kind of software they are lacking in is jrpgs and thats comming soon. besides that their software game has been strong.


cain1414263d ago

A lot of the people who buy wii's aren't the types who consider gaming a necessity. The people who typically buy PS3/360 are. I'm not to surprised the wii is slipping.

stewie328874263d ago

Well, really, we couldn't expect the Wii to sell like mad forever. The market was going to be saturated sooner or later GameStop recently reported they were starting to have them in stock on a stable basis, which, to me signals a slight decline in demand among other things.

Multigamer4263d ago

The Wii is a fad, simple as

predator4263d ago

its not that its a fad, just people who wouldn't usualy consider gaming have done cos of the motion control

Sibs4263d ago

The Wii may be lame this generation, but it has also opened the gaming world up for a great many people that would not have even thought twice about buying a gaming system.

The next generation's audience will be huge.

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The story is too old to be commented.