IGN: GDC 09: New Game from Hideo Kojima

IGN writes: "IGN sat down for a chat with Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco today. Among many other questions, we asked the visionary designer, "What type of project do you want to work on next?" While no concrete name, genre or details were given, Kojima did say that work was indeed underway and that "An official game announcement will be made at E3." Additional comments and answers will go up with our full interview with Hideo Kojima later today. Keep an eye out".

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BrunoM3497d ago

Zone Of Enders 3 PLEZZZZZZZZ

Vortigaunt3497d ago

OMG! Secret PS3 game that will save the console from doom!

Go Hideous Kojima, Go!

Dark General3497d ago

I hope it's a new IP. Or that zombie game that him and Suda 51 talked about doing.

Sarcasm3497d ago

Will "Insert Kojima game" save the Playstation 3?

hazeblaze3496d ago

PLEASE be ZOE3!!!!!!!!!

UltraNova3496d ago

If he left the MGS team to do something new I dont thing he would go back to sequels... I believe he will do something new and then maybe we will see ZoTE 3... guess we'll find out at E3..

verb3k3496d ago

But people have been caught by the webs of its story, not because of its gameplay excellence. MGS sucks play BattleField 2, Teeken 5, GTA IV, PES, call of duty 2, these games hold true virtue of faithful gameplay and overwhelming joy.

Jager3496d ago

Funny, i've played all of those games... and MGS4 is better then all of them.

nycredude3496d ago

YOur comment is bar non the top 10 dumbest opinion on N4g. I played all of those games and Mgs4 is better than all of them ... combined! sheesh!

- Ghost of Sparta -3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Seeing how MGS4 sold over 4.5 million copies and Hideo Kojima is a huge Sony fanboy, his next game will end up exclusively on PS3.

@ verb3k: MGS4 is a much better game than everything you listed combined and multiplied times 100.

Sitdown3496d ago

I call your have not played Teeken 5..I think you are getting it confused with Tekken 5. Anyhow...while you guys loved MGS, there are plenty who would prefer those other titles that were listed by verb3k. With that said...I did not see any specific mention of the ps3...why is the assumption that it is coming to the ps3? I mean it does not really matter to I have all three consoles....just interested to know why that is the general consensus.

Dark General3496d ago

It may or may not by exclusive Sitdown but it doesn't matter i think alot of people think it'll end up on the playstation platform in some way. Ever since MGS he's been putting a good number of his games on playstation consoles. Though i wouldn't be surprised at all if it's a multiplatform title. Specially if it's a new IP.

STONEY43496d ago

Meh, Tekken 5 was ok, my favorite was Tekken Tag. Or maybe I just have too many memories from it.

But MGS4 is way better than all those games he listed combined.

Anyways, back on topic, I hope this is ZOE3.

vickers5003496d ago

"Funny, i've played all of those games... and MGS4 is better then all of them."

Funny, I didn't know you are the person that makes peoples opinions for them.

SL1M DADDY3496d ago

I would love to see ZOE3 come to the next gen console.

jadenkorri3496d ago

ZOE 3, please be on PS3, or at least multiplateform

thats_just_prime3496d ago

oh good another game that will be exclusive to youtube

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frayer3497d ago

Hopefully it's an FPS. Also, stay away from that anime crap... *cough* ZOE *cough*


solidjun53497d ago

Z.O.E series were so fun. I was hoping for that annoucement.

cranium3496d ago

No more FPSs, PLEASE!
Plus it would be a waste of Kojima's awesomeness IMO

Uzesgelen_Goo3496d ago

just TPS and action/adventure or stealth etc. He can bring cool game even it was RTS just don't make FPS please... (T_T)

Tony P3496d ago

I regret devs have churned out so many mediocre FPS games as to bring down the entire genre along with it.

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KionicWarlord2223497d ago

damn that this was approved fast...i didnt know this man was god. :)

Argento-Nox3496d ago

Now that you know Kojima is a gaming god, feel free to bow and worship him as you may (^_^).

On a serious note, anything Kojima does is worth a look or even a blind buy if you ask me. I'm looking forward to this years E3, now that we all know Kojima will announce his new project.

Omega Archetype3497d ago

Hope it's ZOE3, I would probably pee myself if it was (just kidding, I wouldn't pee myself, but I'd be the happiest gamer in the world, that's for sure.)

meepmoopmeep3497d ago

it's going to be "Zone of the Gearnaugts"

you heard it here first!