iPGN GDC: Top Gun and Flick NBA Basketball Preview

iPGN writes: "First look impressions and screenshots inside!

Earlier today I had the opportunity to sit down with Brain Akaka from Freeverse to check out a couple, (well really a few, but I can only talk about two), games they are bringing to iPhone in "the not too distant future."

The first game they showed off was Top Gun, which is a very polished on rails airplane game for the iPhone. Even with the relatively early build we played, the game looked very solid. It also controlled very well. As you might guess, steering your plane is all done with moving the phone around. On the bottom left and right of the screen you have your fire button for your machine gun and you missiles respectively.

For those unfamiliar with what "on rails" is, it basically means that you do not have to determine the path to your destination, you can move around on the screen, but where your plane goes in determined by the game. All you have to do is shoot stuff and avoid enemy fire, the game will handle the rest."

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