Wii SD Card Support Now Implemented in SD Card Channel

Nintendo updates the Wii Shop Channel to implement the long-awaited support for downloading directly to compatible SD memory cards. Also high capacity cards are now supported.

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Shoko3492d ago

WIN NINTENDO. Just an absolute win. Now people cans stop complaining about the lack of storage. We'll most likely see Wii demos now. This is just too awesome. And we can buy 2 SD cards for a total of 64GB, so it will be just like a 360/PS3 hardrive. Thank you Nintendo.

resistance1003492d ago

Its just a shame 32GB SD cards cost an arm and a leg

darthv723492d ago

Now they need to patch the dsi to support the same cards. You could then dl vc games and then pop them into the dsi.

Now the doors are open for new gh and rb tracks on the wii.

crck3492d ago

Yeah, except buying 2 32gb sd cards costs the same as a 360 arcade unit.

Covenant3492d ago

32GB is expensive now, but give it a year...memory drops in price very fast. A year from now, you'll be able to get one for $30 (or so).

Besides, right now you can get a 2GB card for $10. That's a good start.

Vicophine3492d ago

Yeah, and with the Wii cost more than the PS3 with two 32GB cards...

SpoonyRedMage3492d ago

In the staples near me they were selling 4GB cards for £7. Don't know if they are now though.

SinnedNogara3492d ago

Seeing demos would be cool. No no one would buy DDI's games. (Laughs, then wonders if there are users with the name DDI_Must_Die).

The update is pretty cool, even though I still have 900 blocks.

Just imagine. Now High Voltage can delay The Conduit to make it support DLC. Just imagine map packs.

Halleluia Nintendo!!!!!!!!!!

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Braineater24483492d ago

Finally we have a decent storage solution!

ChickeyCantor3492d ago

I dont see how people disagree with you, honestly.
This is pretty much the BEST firmware update, to date.(for the Wii system that is)

Graphics3492d ago

For the hackers that run emulation and junk.

Nugan3492d ago

Now can Nintendo please increase the maximum file size for WiiWare games? It would be nice if we could see Animales released after all, and it would certainly give developers more to work with.

Regardless, this is a pretty solid answer to demands for more storage space.