2.70 Not Out Tomorrow

MB: Community Team Leader Writes:

"I'll interpret this for you. Either:

1. I'm being left in the dark

2. FW 2.70 isn't coming tomorrow

We'll announce it here as soon as we get word of its arrival "

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BrunoM3496d ago

things are what they are .. and well wen it comes comes ..

but it will be here soon that we all know ...

id like a list of whats coming with it tho lol..

well and if they are trying to keep it down is not like he was coming and say hey i know it scoming not telling wen so ya .. but w.e

we will wait ... none of us will die ( i think )

Wizeguy213496d ago

But at least its better knowing than being kept in the dark!


Dragun6193496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Hmm...I think it might actually come out tomorrow because of the fact that the Resistance 2 DLC and Patch is coming tomorrow. The patch which includes the Double Login Feature that allows 2 different accounts to login online simultaneously which has yet to be added in the previous firmware updates.

Info on Resistance 2 DLC and patch

butterfinger3496d ago

this means exactly nothing unless all firmware updates have to be approved by community team leader MusterBuster before they are issued. I'm certain that must be the case since we can say with such conviction that FW 2.7 is not coming out tomorrow.

Da One3496d ago

It still be funny if he was being left in the Dark

MaximusPrime3496d ago

highly unlikely.

PS blog usually post a video walkthrough of the new firmware update. then it gets released the following day.

so far nothing from PS blog

GlowingPotato3496d ago

- comunicate with NASA computers, for post processing only!

- Ultra HD resolution up tp 3680x2160p 120hz.

- start up in 0.3s.

- megashock rumble. (ur tv room will shake too!)

BrunoM3496d ago

you forgot ..

2x speed of light net connection

and able to play 5d games

Xulap3496d ago


"- megashock rumble. (ur tv room will shake too!)"

I'm laughing out really hard. Just imagine that...

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The story is too old to be commented.