Shadow of the Colossus, Fallout 3, No More Heroes Developers Talk New Projects

Ueda sat down at a recent GDC panel to answer some questions regarding his team's upcoming games.

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ps921173494d ago

What, so do we even know the name, do we have a pic.

eagle213494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I am EXCITED, and my GDC is complete. :)

meepmoopmeep3494d ago

i thought Ueda was suppose to present this year

Freak of Nature3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I agree eagle21,"spiritually is the key word here,and thats most important.

I am very happy to hear it is(will) be more like ICO.I know lots of people wanted a SOTC sequel,but I think they can give us both............."A game along the lines of ICO,with boss battles like we got in SOTC"......... mixed in throughout the adventure.The best of both Worlds....

If we just got a SOTC sequel,thats all we would have gotten.And we would have lost the ICO style game.I think with a ICO style game,we can still get great SOTC boss battles mixed in throughout the game....At least I hope so.

It's my most anticipated game,and without seing even a pixel,go figure.

meepmoopmeep3494d ago

that would be awesome,

have Ico mazing and SotC boss fights

Max Power3494d ago

i think he was originally going to, but a week or two ago canceled his speech, and will do it at E3.

fishd3494d ago

I would KILL to see his new game!

Lfmesquite3494d ago

I want Shadow of the Colossus not Ico.

xabmol3494d ago

ICO was a better game than SotC IMO.

Both game are so good though.

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ud3494d ago

"We are struggling"

MRIBNthewind3494d ago

I don't know what the struggling stuff meant but I want SotC2!!! Ive waited long enough!

PirateThom3494d ago

Struggling to live up to their lofty standards?
Struggling to get a unique idea?

I wouldn't worry though unless they've decided to make an FPS.

Jinxstar3494d ago

Ueda is a super super perfectionist. Anything he says about his creating of the game will be... humble... to say the least. unlike say, oh I dunno, Itagaki that arrogant bastage

ud3494d ago

Oh great! I really didn't see it that way. Don't know anything about this guy and I was thinking more : "We have problems with the ps3 and we're struggling to get something good done" lol

MazzingerZ3494d ago

Same thing Kojima meant during the development of MGS4..."struggling to get the great game we want but we are getting there"

Not struggling would mean = good game (multiplatform quality)

Dark General3494d ago

Probably with something unique and new on a new system.

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Aclay3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

Hmmm..... could he be indirectly confirming a direct sequel to ICO? I hope so, because I'd love to find out what happens after you find girl on the other end of the shoreline on the beach in ICO.

Since Ueda is STILL being so secretive about the game, it seems like it'll be a while before it's revealed, but I hope it's revealed by E3 because I don't want to wait all the way until TGS.

sinncross3494d ago

while a sequel would be nice, some of the appeal of ICO is not knowing what happens next, well in my case anyway.

maybe a game set after the events, sort of like how SOTC is set before ico.

Cenobia3494d ago

It will be an indirect sequel, if its even related this time. Ueda's own interpretation of the ending of ICO was that both characters were dead (although I can't find the quote). Either way the ending was purposely left vague so the player could interpret it in their own way. It could have been a dream, Yorda could have been transformed/dead, etc. After letting the player interpret what happens it would be wrong to suddenly decide the real ending for everyone (in my opinion). We'll never see Ico again, although I could see Yorda returning (probably as an evil character though).

I hope they keep a small link to the other games in the new title (similar to the one between Colossus and ICO), but that's likely all there will be.

snakebite363494d ago

At least we got some news.

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