AppVee Preview: Car Jack Streets

AppVee got a hold of an exclusive trailer for the highly anticipated Car Jack Streets - from the guys at Tag Games. With this being from the original GTA team, it should be a fantastic title, true to the genre.

Step into the shoes of Randal Meyers, a small time player in a big city. Your gambling debts to Italian mob boss Frankie have escalated to a whopping one million dollars and now he is calling in your debt. Do you have what it takes to stay alive, pay your debt and rise to the top of the criminal underworld?

You can go anywhere, drive any vehicle, shoot up the place with brutal weapons and take on both legal and illegal jobs to earn that case. Make your $50,000 a week payments on time or you're a dead man!

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PS360WII3492d ago

Yeah this game does look intense and fun spirited. I'd say it has more going for it than that Payback game imo