TheGamerAccess Reviews MLB 09: The Show (PS3)

"Baseball is a game that seems deceptively simple from an outsider point of view: after all, it is a game that is basically comprised of a stick, a ball, and some real oversized oven mitts. There is an artful simplicity to the game; the Zen-like pitching, pop ups, and stadium hotdogs. Yet, as any true fan of baseball knows this simplicity is only skin deep. In actuality, baseball is tense symphony of hidden depth: a complex infrastructure of batting averages and strike outs, home runs and double plays, a cacophony of trades and salary arbitration. Baseball legend Yogi Berra once stated that baseball is "ninety percent mental" and one has to wonder if game developing pundits over at SCE Studios San Diego have managed to capture the full orchestral score of America's National pastime with their latest entry in the MLB: The Show franchise."

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