5 Xbox 360 Changes Needed in '09

TGS "We love our 360's and think that with a few simple changes Microsoft's console could make 2009 its best year yet."

TGS illustrates several easily implemented changes that could make the Xbox 360 better than ever in 2009.

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KionicWarlord2223494d ago

i agree with the reducing hardware accessories. thts about it.

gameplayingfool3494d ago

I think it would be pretty awesome to browse the internet without having to leave my 360. I wouldn't mind a little more info on 360's upcoming releases either. I hate watching all of Sony's title for months and then being left in suspense of 360's gaming response.

JeffGUNZ3494d ago

All are valid points, but I Microsoft will announce some great exclusives this year, I expect maybe even on this week at GDC, but most likely E3 is where Microsoft will shine.

Why o why3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

MS should start to build up their 1st/2nd party studio relations even if its a new foundation for their next console. These things take time and the honest 360 guys are now witnessing the correlation between studios and exclusives. The article is well put though, nothing to really argue with. Hope they do a ps3 and wii version as they too need a couple of things that need to be addressed before anybody cries foul

Sarcasm3494d ago

At this point, MS needs to announce an insane kick-butt looking IP with the likes of Gears of War.

Something that will make PS3 owners jealous.

We'll have to wait for E3 I guess.

II Necroplasm II3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

If they can nail what listed then the 360 will be back in the spotlight.

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HDgamer3494d ago

It needs a change for the achievement system. Like a level or something. The PSN has levels to how much trophies you get, an rpg like level. I wouldn't mind that on the 360

GameOn3494d ago

I like how they are now. You can easily scroll through your games and browse over you achivements. Im very happy with it.

Why o why3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

I was a hypocrite. Trophy's/Achievements are the sh!t. Thank you MS, not for the invention but for making it mainstream and making it 'the standard'. Trophy's did up it a little though with the tier/level up elements

Anon19743494d ago

Just say it. If the new Jasper boards have fixed the problem or at least brought it to a managable state, why not say it? I know a few people that are interested in picking up the 360 now that it's so cheap but are still wary due to hardware concerns, even with the warranty. And if the Jasper is the fix everyone was waiting for...for the love of god, replace people's broken consoles with them!
My 4th console they sent me was older than the console it replaced! Replacing faulty consoles with refurbed faulty consoles should not have been the solution.

I have a friend who received his first RROD and rather than get trapped in the faulty console cycle like I did he just sold his console online, kept the harddrive and bought a new 360. Hopefully it works out for him, because I know I've just given up buying anything on my 360 but the odd exclusive for fear of another rrod outside the warranty now.

kingme713494d ago

Good points, although the internet browsing at least to me isn't too useful.

The MS points system where 800 points = $10.00 just seems like an underhanded way to make something look cheaper then it really is. MS had some BS explanation that it needed a point system to commonize across regions, but sounds fishy to me. Just advertise the price in whatever currency they are using in the nation of choice. It converts it anyway when you purchase something.

The Lazy One3493d ago

in part it is the way you say. In larger part it has to do with making it so you can barely ever spend exactly the amount you want (if you notice, rarely will something cost even close to what you have in your account. you almost always have 200 points left). The largest part though to justify points over dollars is that they don't need to worry about repricing things for every currency. All they have to do is figure out how much 500 points costs in each currency, and then they can just have prices stay the same.

I'm much more upset about the second reason, but can definitely see a plus from the third reason. I think they just need a better way to purchase points in non-set intervals.

steel213494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

If i were able to play games without having the fear of needing to send in my console for 1 month. That would be the greatest thing microsoft could do for the customer. When I get a console sent back to me, and out of the box it has the RROD, you know you have problems.

KionicWarlord2223494d ago

e-74 is very old. gaming websites are saying its appearing now because of the nxe. im just trying to understand how it came back :/

GameOn3494d ago

1 month for console repair? Where the hell do you live?

steel213494d ago

Of the four times I have had to send it in, the average wait time is usually between three and four weeks.

JeffGUNZ3494d ago

Where are you keeping your xbox, in a furnace? I have had mine for 3 years and I time it acted a little funny and it was replaced within 5 business days. You know you should lay it down, not stand it up and make sure there is plenty of room around it so nothing blocks the vents? I don't know anyone of all the people I know who own 360's that had to send it in more then once.

Anon19743493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

I'm on my 4th 360. My console has always been flat, nothing even close to the vents, sitting on it's own giant shelf in my entertainment unit, up off the floor in a nice, cool basement. No doors on the entertainment unit. I wasn't playing for 8 hours straight or anything even close to that. And yet I've had 2 rrod and one disk gouging replacement console and I'm now on console 4.
The problem isn't with the owners. The problem is Microsoft replaces faulty consoles with refurbed faulty consoles.
And if the problem's fixed by the Jasper boards, MS needs to tell us that.

On a side note, I went to my local Purolater courier in Edmonton last year to send my latest dead console back to them. It was just a little depot on the side of a drug store and the guy said "Ah. 360, eh?"
I said, "Yeah. How'd you know?"
He gestured to the back of the small office and there was a stack of about 7 coffins waiting to go out. He said usually there was about 5 a day coming or going.
If this is fixed, people need to know.

Reibooi3493d ago

I know exactly what you mean. For me it's gotten to the point where I hardly ever play anything on my 360 for fear of it dying. It takes about 1-2 months for me to get mine back when i send it in which is retarded but there isn't really much I can do about it except buy a new one which I cannot really afford to do every year or so.

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