Strong First Party Titles Benefits All - Nintendo

Nintendo president Saturo Iwata has defended the company's software strategy, claiming that by having strong sales for its own titles that it has created a strong hardware base - which other publishers can now exploit.

That argument counters criticism from some third parties in the past that the first party success was generating too much competition, but Iwata revealed in his GDC keynote speech that third parties had now sold over 1 million games on the Wii console alone.

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TheColbertinator3494d ago

Its just that Nintendo and the 3rd parties finally have time to get along.When 1st and 3rd party sales are high,success increases even more.The SNES,PS1,PS2,and the DS are all proof of that.Come on Nintendo,a new game for the sake of the gaming veterans.

ChickeyCantor3494d ago

"a new game for the sake of the gaming veterans."
They basically havn't showed much...i mean where is wii-sports?

Imma go wait and see how this year ends, and from there on ill draw my conclusion if Nintendo has really forgot about their main franchise( but hey i doubt that)

TheColbertinator3494d ago

I will always trust Nintendo and Miyamoto.I just feel like I should express my concern with Nintendo and their current plans.If Nintendo maybe listens to its criticisms and responds in kind,that would get Nintendo rolling on new game announcements.

I have no hate against Nintendo just some basic concerns.

N4g_null3494d ago

Sidar nintendo is fine. It's up to developer to set up now. Seriously 32GB on an SD. I'll have to try that out with build and destroy!

I only expect nintendo to keep being nintendo and hardware provider that gives us the tools to make cool stuff. Yes they do make games but I'd rather then tend to keeping this improvement of what is available for the dev community to use.

I was hoping for 4 or 8 gig cards but damn!
It's up to the 3rd parties now. Nintendo keep bring us great platforms but few publisher believe their teams are strong enough to do what they did on the snes. That says a lot because every one loved pilot wings while I was bored out of my mind. As a gamer I say let them do what they want and if you really want some thing then you need to talk to the 3rd party publishers.

It's sort of like go karts. They where not designed for adults but it took an adult to finally make a small track let adults ride in them to make them fun. Nintendo just makes the go karts and it's up to the 3rd parties to bring the different flavors of hard to it.

In the world of hardcore gaming art is king yet HD has been a big cop out making many lazy again.

I'm glad nintendo is doing their job rather than trying to out shine the very people that will make their system great, which is the 3rd parties.

Smacktard3494d ago

"Additionally he added that the installed base of the Wii Fit Balance Board sits at around 14 million, compared to a total console installed base for the PlayStation 3 of around 16 million. "

Oh god. I lol'd